Best Folding Elliptical Machines for Home Use in 2018

Being proactive with your own health and fitness all starts with the right exercise machine and there is no better option than an elliptical machine. These versatile, low-impact, high-performance machines give you the best chance of burning calories, improving cardiovascular endurance and strength training without causing physical stress on your body. When it comes to fitness the time is now, but it all starts with the right machine.

One of the biggest deterrents users have with elliptical machines and other fitness equipment is their size. Most require dedicated space which is something many of us just don’t have, but there are folding options out there that will change your mind. If you’re in the market for a folding elliptical machine which gives you the same great performance without breaking the bank then keep reading.

The following review showcases the Best Folding Elliptical Machines for Home Use in 2018 which will change your mind on how you think of home fitness.

1.      Horizon Fitness Evolve 3 Elliptical Trainer – 9.5

Horizon Fitness didn’t just introduce the best folding elliptical training machine, but they introduced one of the best ellipticals, period. This machine is a premium fitness product that earned a perfect 5-star consumer rating. The Evolve 3 makes it all possible and gives you a great chance to burn calories, tone, and get back in shape.

The Horizon Fitness Evolve 3 elliptical is highlighted by a patented hydraulic folding system which is the first of its kind and turns this full-sized fitness product into a compact, storable machine. This is something you just don’t see in ellipticals which deters many users without dedicated space, and the best part is you don’t lose out on performance.

Some of the best features include an efficient design which gives users longer strides. Providing more of a natural, comfortable workout without causing physical stress on the body is what the Evolve 3 is all about and has become something that every user has noted. Other features include a large intuitive display providing vibrant visual feedback, speakers, bottle holder, reading rack, and modern app connectivity.

2.      ProGear 360 Dual Action Stride Air Walker LS Elliptical – 8.2

For those lacking space, ProGear introduced this dual action air walker which is a compact, folding model. Making it possible to turn any space into a fitness room and get it back to the way it was while providing a full upper body workout outfitted with dual action arms. Giving users a full range of movement to 36-inches, the longer stride helps burn more calories and promote more weight loss than other folding ellipticals.

The ProGear 360 is a compact machine and easily folds to ½ the size of its full setup dimension. When folded, it conveniently can be stored in a corner or closet which turns your fitness space back into the room it’s supposed to be. Boasting a 225-pound weight capacity and a varying height capacity of 4’ 10” to 6’, it’s setup for use for all types of users.

Other features of the folding 360 Air Walker include an LCD screen, 180-degree range of leg motion, rear stabilizers that adjust, transportation wheels, oversized foot pedals, and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

3.      Fitness Reality Dual Action Multi-Direction Air Walker X1 with Heart Pulse Sensors – 8.2

Claiming the 3rd spot in this review is the Fitness Reality Air Walker X1. This exercise machine is a folding model to ½ the width of it when it’s fully setup. This makes it simple to conveniently store out of sight and is a great space saving solution to home fitness. Highlighted by a 36-inch stride and gives you a zero-impact workout on your feet, legs, ankles, and back.

Fitness Reality is one of the industry leaders in exercise equipment and offer one of the few true folding elliptical machines. This model boasts a 225-pound weight capacity and accommodates users to 6-foot. The ultra-quiet operation allows you to work out while watching tv while tracking your metrics and pushing yourself to your goals with the onboard LCD display.

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