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What is the Best Exercise to Lose Weight?

We all desire a workout routine that will yield maximum results within the shortest time. While some people choose cardio as the most effective exercise to burn calories, other people fancy other methods.

Being consistent is a key consideration when it comes to working out. If we are consistent with our exercises and set daily routines, we will be prepared both mentally and physically to work out. It just makes it easier as you don’t need to ‘talk yourself into exercise’ each day. You already have a pre-set time for exercise

This is very important if we will be training for a particular event. If you have a particular time that works perfectly for you, then stick to the plan.

Do You Know the Perfect Time to Exercise to Shed Fat and Lose Weight?

Everyone is unique in their own way; therefore, everyone’s body inner clock and chemistry are different. What works perfectly for you, might not be perfect for another person, which means that what works perfectly for you now might change in months or in years to come.
The best time for every one of us to do exercise is the time that is free of distractions when we have body temperature and enough energy that will enable us to exercise consistently for over a long period.

As your immediate goal is to lose weight; the next thing is to choose the steps that you will use to take away the pounds. There is a long list of exercise at your disposal like rowing, cardio and biking which takes so many forms. The length of time required to spend in any activity depends solely on your weight-loss goals and to another extent on how carefully you watch the intake of calories.

Types of Exercise

Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercise explains the type of activity that increases your heart rate which involves several muscles and can be sustained for a very long period. Cardio workouts are efficient in ways to assist you in losing weight because they burn calorie very quickly.

A 185-pound person can burn up to 222 calories after walking for about 30 minutes at 4.5 mph, a more tedious cardio exercise which includes jogging, swimming, step aerobics, and dancing. A 185-pound person can also burn 400 calories for about 30 minutes when he/she jogs at 5.2 mph for about 30 minutes during a high impact step aerobics training session.

Biking Exercise

Biking, no matter the form it takes, builds your lower-body muscles and expend hundreds of calories to help lose weight. A person weighing 185 pound can expend 444 calories for about 30 minutes of cycling between 14-15.9 mph and 533 calories between 16-19 mph. At the gym, the stationary bike burns more calories at a faster rate, a person who weighs 185 pounds will burn 466 calories for about 30 minutes of pedaling.

Rowing Exercise

If you are like most people who do not have access to a boat or even to a body of water for you to row, the rowing machine is a practical way to burn calories and uses the whole body. This is also an efficient muscle builder, and the harder you row, the more calories you burn. A person weighing 185 pounds can expend 311 calories for about 30 minutes of rowing moderately and 377 calories for about 30 minutes of rowing.

As you can see different exercises expend different rates of calories. We don’t recommend choosing an exercise machine for home based on the above calories per minute burn only. To be successful you will need to relax and enjoy your exercise, so the exercise you choose needs to be enjoyable. We also recommend variety.

Combining rowing and then biking would be ore fun. As would using a stepper and rowing.

We hope we have helped answer your question about ‘What is the Best Exercise to Lose Weight’. It depends on the person and what they enjoy. Get into a routine that is your daily priority. And do not listen to your lazy voice..

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Roxy Keene

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