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Treadmill Sprint Workout

What exactly is a treadmill sprint workout? It is basically doing a sprint workout on a treadmill instead of the park or other running fields. It is found to have a number of benefits which gives it a good reputation as a fitness training program. What are these benefits? See the list below.

  1. It can increase your exercise stamina.
  2. It burns more calories than running.
  3. It helps tone the muscles of the lower body.
  4. It increases cardiovascular strength.
  5. And using a treadmill for fitness training makes it more convenient.
Treadmill Sprint Workout

Reminders for Doing Treadmill Sprint Workout

As you go about doing a treadmill sprint workout. There are some things you must keep in mind to ensure that it will be an effective program for you. Five of those are queued for your reference.

  • Do it for 30 minutes every other day.

The intensity of a treadmill sprint workout is higher than other activities using a treadmill for fitness training. As such, it is only recommended to do this. Your body needs to recover within 24 hours before the next sprint. You wouldn’t want to shock your body with excessive exercise.

  • Incorporate normal activities in your exercise

Do not hesitate to place your treadmill right in front of your TV set. The equipment is designed for home use because some people would rather watch TV than run outside. Try to put them together, so you can enjoy your routine and keep tabs of time as your favorite series normally runs for 30 minutes per episode.

  • Know your level

Each person will have a specific sprint level. You cannot adopt your best friend’s routine in a snap as the difference of level may have harsh effects or no effect on you. Be sure to know how intense an exercise can you do before you step onto the treadmill. Your level will also dictate the pacing of your overall program.

  • Mix and match

Don’t just stick to one routine the rest of the program plan. As it is your own body and your ideal weight, you are allowed to add in or deduct activities in using a treadmill for fitness training. Don’t just sprint, mix it with a run or power walk. Anything that feels good and out of the ordinary can help remove boredom and help you persevere.

  • Follow the Proper Form

This does not only apply in dancing but in exercising as well. Stand tall and don’t lean forward. Move your arms as your legs will follow suit. Make sure your toes are pointing upward as downward facing toes reduce stride and leg extension limit. Just keep proper posture overall.

So, how do you go about doing a treadmill sprint workout?

Depending on the purpose for your treadmill sprint workout, you may follow the steps below.

  • If you Wish to Burn Fat

Speed Intervals for 50 minutes is the one for you. Warm up for five minutes before your increase pace for four minutes. Then, gradually go to a recovery pace for another four minutes. You should repeat this around four times before you cool down for five minutes.

  • If you Wish to Up your Speed

You are recommended to do a speed session that runs for 34 minutes per session. It is mostly composed of these steps: a five-minute warm-up, a three-minute fast pace, a three-minute recovery pace, a two-minute fast pace, followed by a two-minute recovery pace, a minute of fast pace, and a minute of recovery pace. This is repeated once or more depending on the runner level.

  • If you’re Building Strength

You have to use the incline function for 28 minutes. You should do the following to a five-minute warm-up, a minute of fast pace at 2% incline, a minute of fast pace at 4% incline, another minute at 6% incline, and another one at 8% incline. Afterward, go to an easy pace at 1% incline. Repeat twice before you cool down.

We suggest that you follow the said steps in combination with a proper diet and a healthy mindset. Using treadmills for fitness training makes everything convenient, but you still need to work on the food and thought factors to get a success story.

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Roxy Keene

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