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ProForm Power 1295I Treadmill Review

ProForm Power 1295I Treadmill Review

Featuring iFit Coaching Technology
ProForm Power 1295I Treadmill Review

Product Name: ProForm Power 1295I Treadmill

Product Description: ProForm Treadmill

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very small and so most of the people cannot read the exercise data correctly. This is more of a relativistic problem because many others reported that they could easily see the data.

A small, compact, space saving and a much simpler treadmill is there for you, the ProForm Power 1295I Treadmill. If you were looking for a small and comfortable treadmill with incline and decline accessibility, then you should give a try to the ProForm Power 1295I Treadmill.

The Power 1295I is equipped with one of the best technologies ever by ProForm which is known as the iFit Coach. By this technology one can run on rugged tracks of Mongolia to the rough terrain of Ecuador, just at the comfort of your very own home. Eager to know how this technology works? It is explained as follows.

iFit Coaching Technology

As told above iFit Coaching is one of the best technologies by ProForm. This technology works on a very simple mechanism where you download the map of any place, where you would wish to run, and press the start button. The track of the treadmill would then automatically adjust itself as such to mimic that track.

Therefore, you get a never-ending library of tracks and thus the machine is equally beneficial for beginners, intermediates or professionals. Many other ProForm fitness machines which had the iFit technology required an iFit module which was sold separately but ProForm came up with the solution in Power 1295I treadmill. The iFit wireless technology in this machine requires no such module.

Quick Incline

Not only does modern research says that but the trainers also say that if you want to get the most out of a one-mile run, do it on a hill where you have to run upwards. This will help you to increase your stamina a lot.

However, not everyone can go on Mount Davidson or Twin Peaks, so ProForm integrated the feature of inclined running in their machine. One can now incline their tracks of the Power 1295I by 15% and can experience the realistic running on a valley or a steep mountain.

Specs and Features

  • Display screen: 7 inch
  • Workout apps: 34
  • Motor: 3.5 CHP
  • Tread belt: 20” x 60”
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs.


  • Inclined training gives your legs an extra burn
  • Quick Speed control gives you a personalized feel
  • Integrated tablet holder allows you to enjoy movies or music
  • CoolAire workout fan keeps you cool during workout
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and motor, no tension on these two
  • ProShox cushioning comforts you every moment of running
  • EKG heart rate monitor included


  • Expensive
  • Font size of display screen is very less


The machine had only one major con, as mentioned above, that the font size on the display screen is very small and so most of the people cannot read the exercise data correctly. This is more of a relativistic problem because many others reported that they could easily see the data.

The powerful motor of the ProForm Power 1295I Treadmill is the one which was required because it stays cool during workout, develops even momentum, and produces great inertia. You also get 34 built in workout apps so you can train like a professional and beat all others by doing a faster workout than all others.

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