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How Many Calories do 1000 Jumping Jacks Burn

How Many Calories do 1000 Jumping Jacks Burn

It needs 100 to 120 seconds to perform 100 jumping jacks require. In total, two minutes are good enough to do 100 jumping jacks. Now, all you need is your weight and duration fro calculating the calories. Hundred jumping jacks are friendly enough to burn 20 to 25 calories. 

You can well imagine if 100 jumping jacks are performed in two minutes and burn 20 to 25 calories then it is very obvious with intervals of break a person can perform 1000 jumping jacks and can easily burn 250 calories.

A person who performs 2000 jumping jacks continuously will burn 200–300 more calories in 2000 jumping jacks than the person who does 2000 jumping jacks with 30 seconds rest between them. How do we know this? 

After an array of research science has concluded that you will have to look at different intervals and the Basic Metabolic Rate of the subject. The speed of jumping jacks directly impacts on how many calories you burn during the session. 

Things to Consider For Jumping Jacks

It is always recommended to refer to our physician or your doctor before starting any new exercise. If you have any lower-body injuries or you’re prone to chronic pain in your knees or ankles jumping jacks are not meant for you in this regard.


Always ensure to land softly but, on a carpeted or padded surface. If you feel pain while performing jumping jacks, stop the exercise right away. Although, exercise is a healthy practice for the body and soul. But too much can cause injuries, stress, anxiety, or depression.

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