Best Portable Exercise Bikes for Home Fitness in 2018

Many people prefer to workout at the comfort and privacy of their home and not go to gyms and other fitness centers. Why is this trend becoming increasingly popular? Well, one reason can be the fact that people are getting busy in their daily lives which is why they are unable to take out proper time for going out and spending time at the gym.

The alternative is to exercise at home and if you want to stay fit, an exercise bike can be one of the best options which you can buy at a good price. Which bike(s) is a good one and you should get it for your home workout?

The answer is somewhere in the review of the Best Portable Exercise Bikes for Home Fitness in 2018.

1.      Ivation Exercise Upright Magnetic Cycling Bike Fitness Machine Foldable – 9.2

One of the best exercise bikes is the Ivation upright fitness machine that folds since it isn’t only a low priced option, but it is also quite user-friendly. You can fold it and store it under your bed if you want to free up your space. It is so compact in its design. Other than that, you can have the seat adjusted according to your height requirements.

The maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds which is high enough for most of the people. You don’t need some professional assembly as it can be assembled using some basic tools by anyone. Resistance is adjustable so you can always have an even bigger challenge.

2.      Exerpeutic 525XLR Gold Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike – 9.0

Comparing this Exerpeutic exercise bike to other models, it has been crafted out of 27% more steel and the weight limit is also more. The maximum weight capacity of this bike is 400 pounds which covers all the different types of users. It is basically made for the tall people but the exact height range suggested by the company is 5’2 to 6’5.

Oversized pedals make it easier for the rider to have a comfortable experience. A magnetic adjustable resistance is there which includes 8 levels of adjustable resistance. The LCD display identifies various aspects of your exercise.

3.      ProGear 225 Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike – 8.9

One of the simplest ones in its class is this upright bike which is cheap as well. It is a lightweight bike and can be stored anywhere as well since it has a foldable body structure. The weight of this machine is 34.8 pounds and it supports anyone weighing 220 pounds or lower. This means that this one is specially made for short height users.

The contoured seat cushion makes it easier for the user to spend more time on this upright bike.  LCD monitor display and pulse rate scanner are a complementary thing. You can even hold a few accessories.

4.      Exerpeutic 500 XLS Gold Foldable Upright Bike – 8.7

The Exerpeutic 500 foldable exercise bike is basically an entry level bike for our beginner buddies. However, it can handle 400 pounds of weight easily. It is made for users who come between 5’1 and 6’5 as the height range. This bike comes with 8 different levels of resistance which makes it even more challenging for you.

The pedals are oversized and have safety straps attached which make it easier for the user to have a perfect hold and control over the exercise. It comes with a V-belt drive operation which makes it silent as well. It is efficient, affordable, sturdy, convenient and compact.

5.      Fitleader Indoor Teenager Exercise Bike GYM Recumbent Compact & Stable Folding Cycling – 8.4

Another quite user-friendly and adjustable bike is this recumbent bike. Have it folded and stored when not in use and have it stand up in a compact space since it has a small-design as well. It has a weight of 18kg and can handle almost 240 pounds of weight.

8 levels of difficulty mean that the users can have the challenges as per their requirement. Mainly designed for teenagers, it can be considered as an ideal choice for a home workout. Other than that, there are 4 AA size batteries as well.

6.      Fitleader Upright Folding Gym Cycle – 8.3

This is one of the best folding exercise bikes for women or teenagers since it supports lower maximum weight i.e. 250 pounds. It has a good design and the seat is cushioned which as well makes it a great one for long workouts as well. Constructed with one of the best quality components, this bike is a great one for various users.

Measure your heart rate easily since it comes with pulse rate sensors. Transport wheels are something extra which basically make it easier for you to transport this bike from one place to another.

7.      Confidence Fitness Folding Exercise Bike Stationary Upright X Bicycle – 8.2

This jet black cool upright bike from Confidence Fitness is quite well when it comes to design. The performance isn’t bad as well. You have one of the best LCD displays which basically help the user in getting the basic information regarding their exercise.

Adjust the intensity of ride easily and make the challenging levels even more challenging. The total weight of this bike is 25 pounds which is fine enough as well. It is compact and doesn’t take up much space of the room.

8.      Fitleader Indoor Exercise Bike Folding Compact Upright Bike – 8.0

Have an experience just like that of a proper outdoor bike with this one since it comes with the same features. The maximum weight support is 250 pounds which means many users can be accommodated whereas some might not. Being foldable, you can always store when it is not in use.

With an easy to read LCD display, you will not be needing any sort of fitness gadgets. Handlebars have a good grip which is an extra plus point for this upright bike. Made with heavy duty and powerful steel, it is expected to last for a long period of time.

9.      Body Rider Folding Upright Exercise Bike with Heart Rate – 7.8

Body rider is one of the best companies known for exercise equipment such as exercise bikes. This bike is also one of their masterpieces which comes with heart rate sensor that is quite important for some people while exercising. It is lightweight and sturdy and the maximum weight limit it can support is 250 pounds.

The machine stays stable due to the hidden flywheel. One of the best things about this machine is the fact that it has an oversized seat which is cushioned and soft.

10. Body Rider 2-in-1 Folding Upright & Recumbent Bike – 7.5

The built-in heart rate monitor makes it easier for the user to have an exact idea of the internal body situation which is why this feature is quite important in exercise bikes today. This bike has a total weight of 44.5 pounds and it can support weight up to a maximum of 300 pounds

With transport wheels, it is easier to move around. Adjustability is the best with this bike since handlebars, seat, and pedal straps all are adjustable.


The Best Portable Exercise Bikes for Home Fitness in 2018 are just right in front of you. All you should do is to pick the best one according to your requirements and get it from right away. We are sure that you will enjoy the time and have your body in a fit shape very soon.

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